FAQ 1 -

FAQ 1 -

Why use a mortgage broker?

A top quality mortgage broker can help you navigate through the ever changing mortgage market and help you to identify and target the best opportunities. This can easily save you much more than the broker’s fee. As a result of being "in the trenches" every single day of every single week, a good broker is at the cutting edge of what is being offered, of how far the envelope can be pushed, as well as the specific language beneficial to the borrower that has been successfully negotiated on other transactions, etc.

The key to choosing a broker is the same as for choosing any other professional. Word-of-mouth references, as well as due-diligence on the broker’s background, experience and reputation are important. Of course, it’s critical that the broker you choose is deeply engaged in the current mortgage marketplace, is a good communicator and a skilled negotiator.

Utilizing a good mortgage broker allows you to tap in to a high level of expertise and experience that can help you to best achieve your goals.

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